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Type Of Courses
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There are 3 types of courses

A. Basic course : This course is designed for the beginners who have just opened a trading account.But , have no idea on the stock market . We help them understand the basics of the stock market , the regualting body , the trading systems , exchanges operating  and trading fundamentals .

We also , give basic overview of the trading account , oder types and tracking system. In addition , the trainees are given practical training in real time market for which we open a free trading account as well.

B.Mid Leve Course : This course is designed for customers who have minimum 2 years experience in the market . A lot of customers have lost lot of money as they have no idea on the market analysis . And they are dependant on the tips provided by others . Thus, over  the period of time they have lost in Lacs due to ignorance of the market .

We have tried to take care of the customer ignorance through introduction of market analysis in theis course . We give           knowledge on different types of market  analysis methods like fundamental and technical analysis . 

C.Advance Course . This course is for customers on advnaced stage of the market . This course is for all those customers who have lost lot of money in the stock market due to tips and want to recover the losses. This course is for those customers who want to know and understand market fully before they put their journey in stock market . In one line this is the mother course for all traders which ensures the customers become a expert in the market . It enhances the customers knowledge to such level that they strat giving Tips to others .