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SLAS Financial Services has developed special packages for traders and investors who want to explore the optimistic commodities market and earn profits from MCX, NCDEX and COMEX tips. These packages perfectly tuned with the prime characteristics of commodity derivatives segment and the diversity therein. As a result, a wide group of traders and investors benefits from our Commodity Derivatives Packages and earns huge profits with our involvement.


SLAS Financial Services’long time expertise and best technical research in these segments has lots of benefits:
  • We provide most profitable intraday recommendations for traders and investors.
  • We closely study the everyday global market trends to power up our advisory.
  • We practice intense technical research for maximize returns and minimize risks.
With so many incredible aspects wrapped up in each of our Commodity Derivatives packages, you must tap the market potential of this segment now. Here is a brief overview of our Commodity Derivatives packages for traders and investors:
  • MCX – Our MCX package is an assorted pack for traders and investors who want to trade in MCX Commodities and make profit. This has been split into three sections:
Bullions – for traders and investors trading in precious metals and expecting good profits from Gold and Silver. Our profitable gold tips and silver tips are exceptional benefits in Bullion Tips pack.
Base Metals – for traders and investors trading in MCX base metals like Copper, Zinc, Lead, Nickel and Aluminium. We provided top Base Metal Trading Tips to strengthen profitability.
Energy – for traders and investors expecting big profits in the Energy sector with Brent Crude Oil, Crude Oil, Furnace Oil, Natural Gas, M. E. Sour Crude Oil, ATF, Carbon Credit. Our expert advisory is coupled with best energy trading tips.
  • NCDEX – Our NCDEX package is quite beneficial for those traders and investors who want to profit from agro commodities like Chana, Juar, Jeera, Pepper, Mentha, Turmeric, Refined Soya Oil, Gud, and many more. This also has profitable agro trading tips for increased gains.
  • COMEX – Our COMEX package is best for traders and investors trading in Precious Metals – Gold and Silver and Base Metals copper, aluminium, zinc, lead, etc., and Energy commodities like Crude Oil and Natural Gas etc.
In addition to these prolific packs, traders and investors can also choose their preferred packages and services from the diversity we have offered. Join us today, to benefit from our profitable recommendations and finest financial advisory!
An outstanding package that covers the large MCX segment. It has many benefits for traders and investors trading in Bullions, Base Metals and Energy sectors.
This pack adds power to the traders and investors’ money in agro commodities. It prolifically covers Chana, Juar, Jeera, Pepper, Mentha, Turmeric, Refined Soya Oil, Gud, etc.
Another exciting package with benefits, COMEX is best for traders and investors expecting good profits from precious metals, base metals and energy.