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Derivatives Packages
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High Value Derivatives Packages for every Trader and Investor
SLAS Financial Services market expertise and exclusive services are accessible through Derivatives Packages. These packages are for traders and investors who want to tap the potential of futures and options but fear to enter this market because of obvious risks. With our long derivatives experience and sophisticated technical research, we help traders and investors to transform their risk and anxiety into profitable rewards.
As derivatives traders and investors, you got numerous promising facets to enjoy – liberty to trade in precise lot sizes, trade on margins, to book profits on positional short sells, to hold contracts for a trimester (three months), and many more. These facets have resulted in a growing inclination towards futures and options. However, no one can underestimate the risk factors involved, and thereby the possible losses. From that perspective, SLAS Solutions is an extremely beneficial gateway for traders and investors.
Here are some prime attributes of SLAS Solutions for those who want fantastic F&O trading tips and are looking to make profits from derivatives:
  • Dedicated technical research team that keeps a close watch on derivatives segment.
  • Customized trading strategies for higher profits and lower risks.
  • Timely stop loss updates to prevent losses.
  • Special approach to handle the risk and reward ratio.
  • Regular updates on international markets.
  • Sensible observation of factors that drive international markets.
Our Derivative Packages comprise:
1) Stock Futures: This is our special pack for traders and investors who want to explore the intraday possibilities and effectiveness of futures scripts. Together with specialized advisory, we provide Intraday Trading Tips to our clients.
2) Premium Stock Futures: Premium Stock Futures is another dedicated service with multiple benefits. This is best for traders and investors who want to book large profits from intraday trading in futures.
3)Platinum Futures: Through Platinum Futures, our services target traders and investors who have aggressive intraday goals and want minute to minute updates to meet those targets and book profits.
4) Positional Futures: This is our customized service for such traders and investors who don’t trade intraday and rather want significant profits from 3 – 4 days futures scripts. Positional Futures pack has dedicated trading tips from that viewpoint.
5) Nifty Futures: Nifty Futures is a very special pack given the need for extensive expertise covering all the sectors. Our wide-ranging market specialization and knowledge in Nifty and Bank nifty has been wrapped up in a single pack here, and it vastly benefits intraday traders and investors.
6) Premium Nifty Futures: Traders and investors who want to book large profits from intraday trading in futures best benefit through this pack and they reap wide ranging benefits from our Premium Nifty Futures Services.
7) Nifty Option: This is a unique package for those traders and investors who want to earn optimum profits but stick to limited risk.
8) Options – Call & Put: This outstanding package is quite impressive because of our expert technical research. Traders and investors trading volumes in options market significantly benefit through call put option tips. They also enjoy secure trading and enhanced exposure.
9) Premium Stock Options: Another extraordinary pack comprising great degree of technical research, Premium Stock Options has vast benefits for traders and investors looking for secure Options Trading Tips.
Technical Research
We understand the significance of technical research for providing recommendations and advice in derivatives. We strongly believe that this is the best way to benefit our traders and investors. You must know the special aspects of our technical research and how we add great value to your profitability from futures and options:
  • Critical analysis to better estimate the best value futures and options.
  • Apt speculation of the possible rise or fall in derivatives market.
  • Volatility factor already considered; so high profitability at reduced risk is expected.
  • Market updates and trends in advance.
  Stock Futures

A valuable service for traders and investors who want to make good intraday profits from futures scripts, with our technical expertise and intraday stock futures tips.

  Premium Stock Futures

It’s an outstanding pack for traders and investors looking for a premium advantages and earn high margins from intraday future scripts. It includes profitable future intraday tips.

  Platinum Futures

Platinum Futures Stock is exclusively for traders and investors who got larger targets and want constant updates to book intraday profits in futures.

  Positional Futures

For traders and investors expecting high sizeable returns in 3-4 days and not in intraday largely benefit with positional futures.

  Nifty Futures
A prolific pack which benefits intraday traders and investors in registering significant profits in Nifty and Bank Nifty.
  Premium Nifty Futures

Traders and investors who want to make large profits and have aggressive targets in Nifty and Bank Nifty can benefit from our Premium Nifty Futures pack.

  Nifty Options
Advantage of this pack is especially to those traders and investors who want limited risk but limitless profit.
  Options – Call & Put

Traders and investors benefit their investments with profitable call put option tips.

  Premium Stock Options
The pack has options trading tips with beneficial advisory to help traders and investors exploit maximum profitability of the low risk market.