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Equity Tips
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SLAS Solutions presents a dedicated Equity package for traders and investors looking to book profits from equities in NSE and BSE. We ensure high profitability and minimum risk because of our extensive technical research, long market expertise and beneficial equity tips.
A stock or any other security representing an ownership interest in the form of common stock or preferred stock is known as equity. Equities have been a part of Indian markets since various years. Equity investment is far more profitable compared to other segments of markets. With more and more numbers of companies getting listed through IPO’s, market potential has enhanced thereby leaving more scope for investment opportunities. This is when our equity tips help you.
Our Equity Package comprises:
1) Stock Cash Stock cash is a special segment in our Equity package in which we provide intraday stock tips to those traders and investors who trade in NSE and BSE. Our Stock Tips feature is particularly meant for low-risk trading and also varying investment capacities. 2) Premium Stock Cash Aiming high return? Pick this option and get premium stock cash tips to get maximum value to your investments. 3) Platinum Stock Cash A specialized service dedicated to aggressive traders and high net worth investors. In this, our recommendations compriseStock Tips with many extraordinary prospects every day. 4) Positional Cash Got tight schedules and still want to earn from Stock Market? Opt for our positional cash tips for rewarding returns at reduced risk.
Technical Research::
We understand the significance of technical research and expertise in Equity market. We strongly believe that this is the best possible way to provide cash tips with 90% or above accuracy to our traders and investors. You must know the special aspects of our technical research and how we add great value to your profitability:
  • Critical analysis to better estimate the best value company specific stocks.
  • Apt speculation of the possible rise or fall of equity market and shares.
  • Volatility factor already considered; so high profitability at reduced risk is expected.
  • Market updates and trends in advance.
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