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25/06/17: New Job opening for offfice and Marketing in BBSR and Balasore .

                  Pls mail CV in or  or call 8895218280 

21/06/17: Nifty opened gap down. May test 9600 levels .

20/06/17: Crude went down from 2880 to 2800. But came back to close above 2800

 3rd Feb 9.45 pm ; tgt achieved ..4.5 points in one lot 

2nd mar 1 pm : crude sell signal @3580  , tgt 3530.











3rd feb 5.45 pm : copper sell 295 , tgt 291.5

3rd Feb 9.45 pm : tgt achieved 

 2nd Mar 1 pm : Crude sell @3580, Tgt 3530.

2nd mar 7 pm : tgt achieved ..50 points 

21 jun 11 am : Crude sell @2880 , Target 2800 stop loss 3000.

Target achieved . customers earnes 8000 with and investment of 2000..

8th jan:10:50 am- buy nifty fut @ 10615





Market follows 80-20 rule. 80 percent of traders loose money to 20 percent of traders  .Most of the these profit making 20 percent traders are DIIs,FIIs , and big  traders  . And sadly most of the  of loosers are retail traders .

Now , the big question in front of  all retails traders and investors is that,Why is that most of the retail traders loss in the market?

To find out the reason we carried research for 2 years and found the following . 

The most important reason of loss for the retail traders is the Lack of Proper Training on Stock market .

And the 2nd most important reason is The blind faith on TIPS .

To take care of these 2 issues,  we at SLAS decided to start the training programme and share the knowledge with retail customers so that they can avoid losses and start making profit. 

The Training is  devided into three catagories . 

A. BASIC Course for Beginners

B. Mid level course for Customers having more than 2 years experience  in stock Market 

C. Advance Course : For All levels 

A. Basic course : This course is designed for the beginners who have just opened a trading account.  But , they have no idea on the stock market . We help these type of customers to  understand the basics of the stock market , the regualting body , the trading systems , exchanges operating  and trading fundamentals among host of other basic concepts of stock market .

We also , give basic overview of the trading account , oder types and tracking system. In addition , the trainees are given practical training in real time market for which we open a free trading account as well on case to case basis.

This course is also recommended for customer who have not yet entered the stock market .

B.Mid Leve Course : This course is designed for customers who have minimum 2 years experience in the market . A lot of customers have lost lot of money as they have no idea on the market analysis . And they are dependant on the tips provided by others . Thus, over  the period of time they have lost in Lacs due to ignorance of the market .

We have tried to take care of the customer ignorance through introduction of market analysis in this course . We give           knowledge on different types of market  analysis methods . 

Also, we introduce the chart analysis in this course . Along with the various charts ,  we also teach different technical tools.This helps the customer to understand the market movement in a better way .This helps the customers to cross check any wrong tips if given to them  .

C.Advance Course . This course is for customers on advanced stage of the market . This course is for all those customers who have lost lot of money in the stock market due to wrong  tips and want to recover the losses. This course is for those customers who want to know and understand market fully before they start their journey in stock market . In one line this is the mother course for all traders which ensures the customers become a expert in the market . It enhances the customers knowledge to such level that they start giving Tips to others .

  Next Big question every one in mind is

How much time it will take to stop loosing money and start making profit ?

One need to have the patience of doing the training proprly and understand the trick of the trade .Our basic course is of 4 weeks , midlevel course is of 8 weeks duration. The advanced course is for  6 months . We recommend at least a break of  2 months for customers in heavy loss .

But for beginners they should start very slowly and wait for minimum 4 month before putting in actual money in market and 6 to 8 month before heavy trading.

Here is the good news . To help retail traders to start making profit and stop loosing money  , we at SLAS have developed a New software . This is Named as SLAS SIGNAL SOFTWARE . This software generate buy and sell signal by combining important lagging and leading indicators through software programmes .The Buy and sell signals are represented as follows.

  Buy Signal : Green Arrow UP

 Sell Signal : Red Arrow Down

These signals are helping  generate profit while customers are learning the market Analysis during the training .

We  provide regular training to new and existing customers one new developements  so that they can generate their own tips and avoid wrong  tips from external sources which is the main source of  losses .We also provide free trials who want to test the startegies .Take our free trial and check for yourself on the effectiveness of the online Training.

We at  SLAS  Research are working day and night to provide our clients the best services in all the segments of the market. The magnitude of our research moves around a single motive to provide our clients an edge over others  in the market . The research analyst panel in the company is in continuous touch of the market and are dedicated  to deliver the best trading levels for clients.


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